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Nearly all of us aspire to learn a new language at some stage. Whether, we’re going on a visit to a new country, have a love of a certain culture, need to for work or just wish to learn a language for the sake of it, Rosetta Stone Language Learning software may be the answer.

The great thing about Rosetta Stone’s free trial is that it allows users to get a feel for the software and see if it works for them. Fortunately, most people find it a fun, easy and effective manner to learn a new language.

You may have heard of Rosetta Stone. They’re probably the leading provider of language-learning software anywhere in the world. Rosetta Stone is used by businesses, governments, educational institutions and individuals the world over, though doesn’t use the conventional method of boring repetitive translations.

A New Way to Learn

Instead the software replicates the methods humans use to learn language initially in their native tongue. Rosetta Stone believe that this eliminates the confusing grammar explanations and the learning of vocabulary lists that put people off learning a new language.

When we first learn language we do so intuitively, through absorbing information from the world around us. Rosetta Stone’s Language Learning software teaches language in this manner. Allowing users to replicate this experience and surrounds users with sound, words and images. The software uses engaging interactive software, activities and scenarios to maintain interest and teach users in this instinctive manner.

The software uses the facilities you have to ensure intrigue and provide users with the furthest thing from the crusty experience you had up to GCSE level in school. Rosetta Stone is the furthermost thing away from learning expressions by rote and the closest thing to learning in the country, who speak the language of your choice. It’s interesting, engaging and intriguing and there’s nothing more you can ask when being taught language than that.

Speech Recognition Software
Rosetta Stone Language-Learning Software
One of the most interesting additions to the Rosetta Stone Language Learning software is the proprietary speech recognition technology. This software allows users to develop language conversational skills through the use of their computer, the software and a microphone. The software will inform you whether you’re pronouncing the words correctly, listening via your microphone and helping you with any words you struggle with. This is something especially useful for those trying to learn non-European languages where the articulation may be different to that they are used to.

Rosetta Stone Language Learning software is available in over 30 languages currently. Among the languages offered are French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese. Each of which is taught in a fun and satisfying manner and gives users the ability to understand it and the confidence to speak it.

Innovation is the Key

This innovative way of teaching and learning a new language has been resoundingly successful the world over. The engaging and interesting manner in which language is taught through Rosetta Stone has allowed people to add a new language to their CV and provided them with something they always wanted to do but didn’t.

Registering for a free demo of Rosetta Stone is simple and involves you just clicking the button below and following the instructions. There is no payment details required and you can even decide to opt out of updates and special offers for the future.

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